Not long ago I had a few days of rest.

It was great. In fact, it was better than great. It was amazing.


I was able to spend time doing some of my favorite things. Spend time with my wife and kids. Enjoy our extended families who live in various cities around North America.

And even relax and read. It was the best. A chance to be unplugged.

I realized again that if I don't take time to slow down and rest I start to lose things with the things (and the people) that count.

It's like I am out of rhythm with what God wants for me. I miss the gift of life that comes with staying connected. 

Jesus says that's he's come to help us put together the pieces. To make the connections with the things that matter.

Through the next four weeks we are exploring four practices that Jesus taught (and modeled) so that we can stay connected.

Practices that have been with the church for centuries. In fact, some would say, since the beginning of time.

We hope you join us this Sunday @ 10:00am. The teaching is practical. The band is live. And the Good Earth coffee is on by 9:40.

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Sundays @ 10:00am

Join us this Sunday. The band is live, there's programming for the kids and Good Earth Cafe coffee is on at 9:30am

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