The Good Life

Am I good enough? A young bride shares with her new husband a painful sexual encounter from her past. She's looking at her partner, staring into his eyes, longing for him to give her some sense that she's good enough.

A man finds himself let go from a job and he wonders if he has what it takes. If his whole life is a failure. If he's good enough for anyone. A parent opens an email from of their young adult kids, and it starts with a this line, "I was never good enough for you. I never felt like I lived up to what you wanted my life to be ..."

These are the stories and moments of life that haunt women and men like you and I. These are the kinds of stories that lie beneath the surface of the heart. These are also the stories that become our inner motivators. It's out of these stories that we pursue new narratives, new pathways, new pursuits that lead us to what we hope will be "the good life."

People search for the Good Life in all sorts of ways. And at some point along the way the question often turns from their pursuit of the Good Life to a more personal question, who can be good?  And, am I good? They wonder if the "stuff" that makes them who they are is good enough. Or does the hurts and pains and sins and brokenness that clings to their personal story exclude them.

It's in this context of our personal stories that Jesus offers us something else. He offers us a vision of the Good Life. A life that invites us in--no matter who we are. A life that offers to touch the deepest parts of stories--no matter what has happened. And a life promises to transform the way we relate to those around us--no matter where we find ourselves.

Jesus called this the "easy yoke." He promised that it would give rest, rest for the soul.

He said it would come when we learn to pursue Him, and the Kingdom.

And He also taught that many would turn away because they felt the path would cost them too much.

Jesus invites us in to the Good Life. A life that he announces and teaches about in the Sermon on the Mount.

We continue the journey into the Good Life in our Sunday teaching series by the same name.

We continue the journey this coming Sunday, and we invite you to join us.