Our Father In Heaven

What would it mean if we were created by chance, I mean, if we were just a chemical reaction, a series of random occurrences? For instance, if that were true then how would that effect our understanding of love, faith, hope and joy? Or would those things just be kind of a reaction between the neurons in our brain and nothing more.

Or how about this. What if it was a god who created us. And this creator-god was only known by his power to create. What would that mean? Would we have a sense of why we are here? Of how we relate to others? Of what it means to relate to this creator-god?

Or how about one more. What would it mean for us to be created by a God who reveals himself as Father. If God is Father then what would that mean to us?

In his book, Delighting In The Trinity, Michael Reeves says that the most fundamental reality of God is that he has revealed himself to us as Father.

As we draw near to Jesus we see again and again that this Father relationship is at the heart of his life and ministry on earth. John writes in his gospel that "the Father loves the Son and has put everything into his hands" (John 3:35) and before Jesus heads into the passion week he says "I will do what the Father requires (asks) of me, so that the world will know that I love the Father" (John 14:31).

But this Father-love doesn't just extend to Jesus, it extends to each of us. We know what love is because we know the Father's love, we are his children (John 1:12).

So what does it mean to know that the single-most significant reality of God is that he is Father?

It means that we are loved. And not just with any love. We are loved with the same love that our heavenly Father has for his Son.

So we can be certain of this. At the center of the universe there is a God who is known in relationship. And for all those who know him, who have been created in his image, we can know that he has invited us into the depths of his love. We know that his love is perfect, safe, understanding and unfailing. This is good news. This is a God worth believing in.

And this, friends, is a God worth giving our whole lives to in worship.

Grace & peace,