We are a group of people--often bruised and broken from life--who are on a journey towards wholeness and life in Jesus Christ. We welcome friends and sojourners along the way. Our hope is that you will find a safe place to find rest for your soul, and the space to bring your doubts and questions to God. We also believe that God has made us to be in relationship with Him and with others. So we want to invite everyone to connect in.

What does that look like? And how do you do that?

Here are a few options: First, call our Pastor Ric anytime, he would be glad to help you: 403.689.3221. Or ric@npcalgary.ca.

Second, come to Sunday worship. We always have Good Earth Coffee on before the service. But even more importantly, come seeking Jesus Christ because that is where life will begin to come together.

Third, part of the spiritual journey for all of us is going to be found as we connect in with others. When the time is right, we invite you to join in with others in a Life Group, a smaller Discipleship Group, or one of our Men's & Women's Studies that gather regularly. These groups are a key part of who we are, and in many ways they are at the center of what Jesus calls all of us to as we shape our life around Him and His teaching.