"My purpose is to give life--a rich and satisfying life."  ~Jesus, John 10:10

At North Point we want to see people grow deeper in Jesus Christ. By that we mean, we want to see the very life of Jesus permeate heart, soul and mind, so that what flows out is a transformation of the very person that God has made us to be.

To that end we encourage everyone to ignore the temptation to be bystanders and to instead, step in and trust Jesus for more. That may mean for some that they will approach Sunday worship less as a consumer and more as one who is broken, hurting and in need of the very life of Jesus Christ. Or it may mean for others that they will join in with a group of others and learning how to walk with mercy, compassion and love. Or it may mean that you'll participate in one of our other events that we host through the year--a group, a spiritual formation retreat, a Holy Spirit Encounter or a serving event with others.

Growing deeper is always a movement of God's grace in our lives, and it always moves from the inside out. This is the authentic righteousness of the Kingdom of Heaven (Mt.5:20).

As part of that we are committed to a few practical things each day of our lives. That reflect the way of Jesus and what he taught His disciples. They invite us to live deeply--

  1. Learn from Jesus through prayer and the scriptures
  2. Do life with others in community
  3. Gather for worship regularly with the NP Family
  4. Serve the NP Family with my gifts and abilities
  5. Love my neighbour with generosity and friendship
  6. Live sacrificially in service to others


These six practices are at the heart of what we are seeking to put into place. It's not that they 'practices' merit a better standing before God, or guarantee anything in our life, it's that they give space for God's grace to meet our broken and hurting lives, shaping and transforming us in Jesus.

This is the way of Jesus. And this is the way that we seek to follow.